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Big Changes in Online Copyright Law

Thanks to a recent court decision, we’re looking at some big changes in online copyright law. A 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled that you need to consider fair use before sending a DMCA copyright takedown notice. What does this mean for copyright holders and users of online media?

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Can You Sue A Co-Owner of Your Trademark?

Trademark law is the best. Don’t believe it? Well, a recent Federal court case dealt with a dispute over the trademark GET THE LED OUT, a Led Zeppein tribute band. Strike that…according to the court documents, that should be “one of the greatest tribute bands in the history of the modern rock era”. The court notes that the band played live in Philadelphia and West Chester, Pennsylvania. The modern rock era is truly a thing to behold. (OK, that was an unfair slam. Their website clearly shows that they play all over the place, and I’ve seen Led Zeppelin tribute…

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Does Copyright Protect Jokes?

People, our nation is facing a crime wave. And the crime…is joke theft. That’s right. There are dubious elements in society who want to pass off others’ jokes as their own. Is the law prepared to deal with this existential challenge to the fabric of our society? Or, to put it another way: Does Copyright Protect Jokes?

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Trademark Filing Suggests the Beastie Boys are Coming Back

I had the good fortune of seeing the Beastie Boys in concert a few times, and every show was amazing. Like many music fans, I was devastated by the 2012 cancer-related death of founding member Adam “MCA” Yauch. I assumed, as did most people, that the remaining two Beastie Boys would retire the band name forever. However, a recent trademark filing suggests the band may be reuniting.

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