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Starbucks v. Craft Beer

Starbucks v. Craft Beer I’m always intrigued when the craft beer and trademark worlds collide. Starbucks has been accused of bullying a small craft brewery – did they do their research, or act too hastily?

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Craft Beer Trademark Battle Resolved: Magic Hat v. West Sixth

Brewery Battle Resolved My faithful readers know that I like to follow legal developments in the craft beer trademark world. I’m a fan of the product and a supporter of one of San Diego’s fastest-growing business sectors. As an aside, I’ll throw in a promotion for my good friend Omar Passons’ Craft Beer Debates – tonight’s event is sold out, but these are worth following for anyone interested in craft beer and/or discussions of issues impacting the San Diego community. Back to our regular programming: news broke today that a raging dispute between two (non-SD) breweries, Magic Hat and West…

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Craft Beer Trademark Battles

Craft Beer Trademark Battles As many of my readers are already aware, San Diego has become known as one of the world’s top producers of craft beer. Time Magazine recently referred to SD as “the hoppiest place on earth.” Our local media and elected officials can’t stop talking about all of the jobs, revenue, and recognition brought to San Diego by this booming industry. As a San Diego resident for most of my life, I can’t help but be attuned to this phenomenon. So I tend to pay special attention when trademark issues arise in the craft beer business. A…

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