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Crowdfunding: SEC to Miss Deadline for JOBS Act Rules

Crowdfunding: SEC to Miss Deadline for JOBS Act Rules My readers will recall that back in May 2012, I wrote about the JOBS Act and its revolutionary crowdfunding provisions. This new law promises to make a new source of funding available to startups and potentially create whole new industries. Unfortunately, this can’t happen until the rules are laid down, and it looks like the SEC is not going to meet its legally-mandated deadline.

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Best Coffee in America?

Best Coffee in America? Does Dunkin’ Donuts provide the Best Coffee in America? Maybe so, but the US Patent and Trademark Office has refused to allow them to register BEST COFFEE IN AMERICA as a trademark.When is a proposed trademark “merely laudatory,” and what the heck is “puffery?” Read on to find out.

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NLRB Invalidates Costco’s Social Media Policy

NLRB Invalidates Costco’s Social Media Policy A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board may pose significant challenges to Costco and other employers, large and small, who want to manage their employees’ social media communications.

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Social Media Law Part IV – Privacy and Social Media

This is Part IV of a four-part series on Social Media Law. For Part I, click here. For Part II, click here. For Part III, click here. The first three parts of this series covered ownership of work-related social media and a variety of employer-employee issues. For the final portion, I’m taking a look at the controversies concerning social media and privacy concerns.

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