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WarenzeichenWhat Is a Trademark

  • A brief definition of trademarks.
  • Definitions of the other forms of intellectual property (copyright, patent, and trade secrets).
  • Types of trademarks.
  • What is trade dress?
  • How are trademark rights acquired?
  • Trademark registration, and what do those symbols ™ and ® mean, anyway?
  • How long do trademark rights last?
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ChoosingTrademarkHow Do I Choose a Strong Trademark?

  • When should I ask this question?
  • The Trademark Spectrum: Generic, Descriptive, Suggestive, Fanciful, and Arbitrary marks.
  • What is “Secondary Meaning?”
  • Avoiding trademark conflicts.
  • A few things to avoid when choosing a trademark.
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What is a CopyrightWhat Is a Copyright?

  • When should I ask this question?
  • What types of things are covered by copyright law?
  • What rights are included in a copyright?
  • How and when is a copyright acquired?
  • Copyright Registration
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